WELCOME TO WHCT West Harpeth Christian Tutorial


          Dwane Thomas
          [email protected]

          Course Time:

            This course is offered on Thursdays.

          Course Prerequisites:

            This course is open to 6th - 12th grade students.
            This course is counts for one high school credit.
            For acceptance of credit prior to 9th grade,
              please contact your umbrella school.

Course Texts:

  • Lingua Latina per se Illustrata, Pars I: Familia Romana (Latin Edition), Second Edition
    ISBN-  1585104205

Course Description:

Publisher's Description:  Hans Ørberg's Lingua Latina per se Illustrata is the world's premiere series for learning Latin via the Natural Method.
The Natural Method encourages students to learn Latin without resorting to translation, but instead by teaching them to think in the language:
students first learn grammar and vocabulary inductively through extended contextual reading and an ingenious system of marginal notes.

In many ways these classes will be about how to learn languages.
With languages, there is the minimum everyone has to do to learn a language.
There is always more you can do.
I will make that clear to students and hopefully inspire them to learn more.
I teach this same course for a half-hour each morning on my site:
Students will receive a free subsription to my site.
A subscription grants access to every live class I teach.
It also grants access to all of the previous classes on my site.
I record every class I teach, and I only take them down if I am updating them.
Currently, there are around 2,500 videos all arranged by units.

In Latin I, our goal will be to complete Chapters 1-19. 
If you have a high school student, this counts for one high school credit.
However, this class is structured in such a way that it is suitable for both middle AND high school students.
(If you have questions about your student's readiness for this class, please contact the tutor.)

Course Class Time:

  • We will spend our time reading, speaking, and practicing the language.

Course Homework Requirements

  • Homework will be the same every week.
    I will ask the students to read, and re-read the chapter we are in.
    I suggest students read the chapter at least once each day, six days a week.
    This should take about 15 minutes a day.
    Daily contact with the language is better than sporadic cramming. 
  • Take the test.
  • This is the homework that will be required.  However, it is the minimum needed to get a basic understanding of the language. 
    I will give the students recommendations and many, many tools to further enhance their learning.


  • Please contact the tutor for more information.

Course Supplies:

  • TBA