Gabrielle Jones
[email protected]

Course Time:

  • This class meets on Tuesdays

Course Prerequisites:

  • This class is open for students in 8th -12th grades who have an interest in sewing.

Course Description

Introduction to Fashion & Sewing will cover the basics of sewing and an introduction to
fashion- including finding out your color palette, as well as your body type and which clothes are
most flattering for your body type.  We will learn and practice different sewing techniques
(sewing machine stitches, buttons, hand stitching), reading commercial patterns, and minor
alterations to clothing.
By the end of the course students will have created a wide variety of items such as a pillowcase,
small tissue holder, snuggly, tote bag, drawstring bag, zippered pouch, soup bowl holder, etc.
Each item is designed to learn a new technique or practice an existing technique we have been working on.
We will also hand-stitch, as well as applique a pillow.

We will create two clothing pieces made from commercial patterns and alter clothing to make it fit correctly.
The goal of this class is to teach important sewing techniques through the making of fun and enjoyable projects.

Contact the tutor for current syllabus.


  • 80%  class projects
  • 10%  quizzes
  • 10%  participation

  • Grading will be based on finished class projects, presentations and quizzes.
  • Students will receive information explaining the grading criteria for each project and will receive a grade
    and written comments for each completed project.
  • Students can revise and resubmit a graded project for a higher grade with no penalty.
  • This must be done by the next week of class.
  • Projects will be accepted late, however, students cannot receive full credit for a late project.

Course Supplies:

  • portable sewing machine- fee free to contact the tutor for assistance in choosing a machine
  • carrying case or carrying tote for sewing machine (optional, but helpful)
  • sewing kit & something to bring these items to class in
    • pins & magnetic pin "cushion"
    • #12 needles that fit your machine
    • good quality fabric scissors
    • white, red, and black spools of thread
    • 3-4 other colors of thread (we will discuss after school starts)
  • other items (measuring tape, sewing gauge, marking chalk, seam ripper, and hoop for hand sewing) provided with lab fee

Lab Fee Information:

  • The $50 lab fee will be used to purchase all material needed for projects, except for the patterns
    and material for the two projects we will be doing at the end of the year.
  • If there is extra lab money, it will be used to purchase one of the patterns.
    (I work hard to buy all the fabric and supplies on sale to stretch the lab fee as far as possible.)