Bob Lawrence
Course Time:

  • This course is offered on Thursdays.

Course Prerequisities:

  • This course is open to 9th-12th grade students.
  • Students should be confident that they can complete the reading and be able
    to remember details or have notes on details (lists of names and places).
  • As this is a discussion-based class, students must be comfortable and willing
    to participate in weekly class discussions. 

Course Texts:

  • Students will need unabridged copies of the following works:
    • Out of the Silent Planet   -by C.S. Lewis
    • I, Robot   -by Isaac Asimov
    • Childhood's End   -by Arthur C. Clark
    • The Martian Chronicles   -by Ray Bradbury

Course Description:

This class is for people who like Star Wars and Star Trek, Doctor Who,
X-Men, Avengers, and Hunger Games.

By reading Science Fiction – both Christian and non-Christian, students will be challenged
as believers to understand more deeply what they believe in the context of their pleasure reading.

Students’ non-Christian peers are watching the same movies and reading the same books.
Having a solid understanding of science fiction and its ideas, as well as Christian-based responses
to those ideas,will allow them to profess their faith more effectively when discussing these texts. 

Course Class Time:

  • discussion/lecture with supplementary writing tasks designed to guide the student in responding to the literature 
  • group work so that students can practice discussing these texts among their friends

Course Homework Requirements:

  • Reading, more reading, and some writing
  • The writing will ask questions concerning the meaning of the story,
    ask what the Christian response to the story is, and ask about the critique of culture that is in the story.
  • Students should expect to read a maximum of 70 pages per week.
  • There will be weeks when the reading requirement is substantially less,
    and I will try to schedule lighter reading loads during stressful times in the year (midterms, finals, plays, etc.).


  • There will be in-class quizzes, as well as take-home quizzes.
  • The midterm and final exams will be centered around the readings
    and class discussions on the reading.
    Students will be asked to refer back to the texts.


  • 40%  essay assignments (two essays)
  • 50%  tests (midterm and final)
  • 10%  homework (quizzes and writing)

Specific Requirements:

  • Students must be prepared and willing to participate in class discussion.

Course Supplies:

  • required novels
  • binder
  • loose leaf paper