WELCOME TO WHCT West Harpeth Christian Tutorial

Kelly Barrett

Course Time:

  • This class is offered on Tuesdays.

Course Prerequisites:

  • Must have completed or be enrolled in Prealgebra.
  • This course is typically recommended for advanced 8th, and 9th-10th grade students.
    (Older students also welcome.)
  • Can be taken simultaneously with Biology.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the tutor or a member of the Academic Affairs Committee.
  • If you are planning to use this course as a high school science credit,
    please contact your umbrella for its acceptance prior to the 9th grade.

Course Texts:

  • Introductory Physical Science, 7th Edition
    ISBN-  188205718X
  • Lab book (provided via lab fee)

Course Description:

This lab-driven course is great for the student who wants to develop laboratory and critical thinking skills.

After measuring and identifying substances by density, solubility and flammability,
students learn how to form and separate mixtures and compounds.

They also explore radioactivity, scientific models, and gain skills in graphing.
Lab Tech strengthens scientific critical thinking skills, thus supplementing ACT preparation.   

Course Class Time:

  • Each class period includes a pre-lab discussion, experiment, and post-lab discussion.

Course Homework Requirements:
  • Homework includes up to 5 pages of reading, answering 5-10 questions about the reading,
    and writing the experiment in the lab book.
  • Chapter tests are taken at home.
  • Students can expect to spend approximately 2-3 hours per week on homework.

   Sample Homework Assignment:

  • Review experiment 1.1 and answer questions 1 and 2
  • Read 1.2 Volume and 1.3 Reading Scales
  • Study the handout on reading scales (graduated cylinder)
  • Answer questions 3-10
  • Read Experiment 1.4 and write a pre-lab in your lab book  


  • Testing includes both laboratory and written exams.
  • Written exams are unique in that they focus on scientific reasoning skills.
  • Tests are taken at home with open book and open notes.  


  • 45%  chapter tests & lab exams
  • 45%  lab book
  • 10%  homework  

Specific Requirements:

  • Come to class prepared to participate in the labs.
  • Keep a thorough lab book throughout the year.

Course Supplies:
  • textbook
  • lab book (provided by lab fee)
  • binder with dividers   -labeled Notes, Homework, and Tests
  • loose-leaf lined paper
  • scientific calculator: TI- 30XIIS or similar   -approximately $15

**Summer Assignment:
There will be an assignment due on the first day of class that will take approximately one hour to complete.