Gabrielle Jones
[email protected]

Course Time:

  • This course is offered on Thursdays.
  • Please note, this is a one semester / .5 credit
    course that is only offered in the SECOND SEMESTER.

Course Prerequisites: 

  • This class is open to 9th -12th graders.       

Course Texts:

  • Exploring Economics Curriculum Kit  -by Ray Notgrass
    Kit contains:
    • Exploring Economics textbook
      ISBN-  1609990943
    • Making Choices: Reading in Economics
      ISBN-  1609990951

Course Description:

Students will learn Biblical teachings about economics from the Old and New Testaments and how to organize a service project.
The students will also look up various information to compare and contrast to help with shopping and budgeting.

The curriculum emphasizes the contrast between command economies and free markets.
The course explains economic terms from supply and demand, to GDP, and the Consumer Price Index,
giving students tools to understand what they hear in the news and to make wise economic decisions.
Students will gain an understanding of both microeconomics and macroeconomics.

Many classes rely on the students' participation, with the goal being to discuss current information to help students understand economics.

Course Homework Requirements:

  • The students will read one unit a week, 30-40 pages from the book,
    as well as answer questions regarding the reading.


  • 30%  homework
  • 20%  class participation
  • 30%  presentation
  • 20%  quizzes

Course Supplies:

  • curriculum kit listed above
  • a binder or notebook