Course Time:

  • This course is offered on Tuesdays.
  • Please note, this is a one semester / .5 credit course
    that is only offered in the FIRST SEMESTER.


  • This course is recommended for students 10th grade and up.  

Course Text:
(A gracious family has donated the textbooks for 2021.2022
so no purchase will be required.)

  • Foundations in Personal Finance High School Edition - for Homeschool
    ISBN-  9781936948192  

Course Description:

We all have been given resources by God, and we all have choices in how we steward our resources.
Do we focus only on how to build up treasures for ourselves,
or learn how to manage our finances in a way that glorifies God and furthers His purposes?

Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance provides practical financial guidance
by making students aware of financial vocabulary, by providing real life scenarios, and
by offering valuable advice regarding budgeting, spending, investing, saving, giving, debt,
balancing bank accounts, insurance, careers, and taxes.

Class is largely discussion and project-based, including keeping a personal budget and
following a self-made stock portfolio over the entire semester.

Course Homework Requirements:

  • Students will complete a chapter in the workbook each week with
    the help of online videos provided by Dave Ramsey and his team.
  • There will also be occasional weekly research projects on topics such as
    finding helpful financial apps and tools, recognizing legitimate charity organizations,
    and applying “real life” experience by purchasing a vehicle, renting an apartment,
    and bargain shopping on a budget.
  • Students should expect 2-3 hours of homework a week.  


  • 70%  homework
  • 30%  projects

Specific Requirements:

  • Students will need the ability to present their research findings via Google Slides or PowerPoint.
  • Kahoot! app installed on a phone or device in order to participate in some in-class activities.  (Not required, but preferred.)

Course Supplies:

  • workbook
  • Kahoot! app (see Specific Requirements above)