Lisa Florian

Course Time:

  • This course is offered on Thursdays.

Course Prerequisites:

  • Students should have previous exposure to high-school level reading and writing
    and be familiar with the 5 Steps of the Writing Process and basic structure of a 5-
    Paragraph Essay.

Course Texts:

  • Students will need these versions of the following works.
    It is important that students have these specific versions
    – please note the ISBN # for each book:
    • The Book Thief - by Markus Zusak
      ISBN-  978-0375842207
    • Cry, the Beloved Country - by Alan Paton
      ISBN-  978-0743262170
    • The Iliad: Robert Fagles’ translation - by Homer
      ISBN-  978-0140275360
    • various short stories and poetry (supplied by tutor)

Course Description:

This is a World Literature course covering the 8 main Literary Periods, providing students with an opportunity
to become familiar with literary works from each of those Periods, as well as a range of countries and cultures.

Emphasis is placed on critical thinking, utilizing the various genres of literature-
including fiction and non-fiction, short story, and poetry.

Students analyze various works of literature through
oral discussion, debate, and some written responses.

The writing portion of the class will focus on Thesis Statement
writing and providing evidence to support a Thesis Statement.

We will also work on vocabulary development and understanding of
numerous literary devices.

Course Class Time:

  • Class time will be used primarily to discuss the literature reading as a group and
    receive instruction on new material.

Course Homework Requirements:

  • Homework will consist primarily of reading and responding to the current literature
    assignment, vocabulary, and literary terms; there will also be some complementary
    writing homework.
  • A Homework Schedule will be provided each week that outlines what students should
    accomplish each day in order to prepare for the next class.
  • Students can expect approximately 5-6 hours of homework per week.


  • 25%  homework completion
  • 25%  class participation
  • 25%  writing assignments & projects
  • 25%  vocabulary & literary terms

  • There will be extra credit opportunities throughout the year.

Specific Requirements:

  • Students will need word processing software, preferably Word.
  • Apple's Notes app, CamScanner, or other scanning app for uploading assignments to Schoology

Course Supplies:

  • required literary works – Note the ISBN # for each book
  • three-ring binder w. 8 tabbed dividers
  • loose-leaf notebook paper
  • blue or black ink pens
  • 5.5” x 8.5 white blank book*
  • Post-It Notes 4x4 lined (6 colors)*

            *The white blank book must be purchased in bulk, so I will need to collect $3 from
            each student to cover the cost; I can also purchase the Post-It Notes in bulk, as well.
            – both items would be $12/student