Placement Testing

Some of our classes require an assessment and/or placement test prior to enrollment.  
More information can be found under the specific class page.

Grading Scale & Policy

A 90-100
B 80-89
C 70-79
69 and below is considered failing

We strive to be a program of academic excellence, desiring to see each student progress spiritually, academically, behaviorally, and emotionally- realizing his or her full potential in Christ.  
If a student ends a quarter with a grade below a 70% in a class, he/she will be placed on academic probation. If the grade stays below 70% for two consecutive quarters, the student will be at risk of dismissal from the class with no refund.  The student and parents will need to meet with the Academic Affairs Chair and the tutor to discuss next steps.

A student who has been dismissed from more than two classes in a year may not be invited to return
to WHCT the following year, depending on the circumstances involved.   

Tests & Quizzes

While some tutors give in-class quizzes and tests, many tutors also require tests to be completed at home under the supervision of a parent.  
The test must be returned in a sealed envelope and signed by the parent.

Absence & Tardy Policy

It is important for the flow of the class for the students to be on time.  
A tardy is considered 5 minutes late to class and two tardies equal an absence.  

Students are only allowed to miss up to two weeks per semester per class.  
Students who exceed this number of absences may need to petition the Academic Affairs Committee
for permission to continue in the class for the remainder of the school year.  
Sickness and extenuating family circumstances are understood, and consideration will be given for
these events.  

Please see the handbook for further information.

Make-up Assignments vs Late Assignments

In the event that a student has missed class due to illness or a preplanned absence,
the student is allowed to turn in their assignment on the following tutorial day.
This is called a make-up assignment and it will receive full credit.
There must be communication with the tutor for the reason of the absence in order for
the work to be considered a make-up assignment.

If a student comes to class unprepared, and does not turn in an assignment on it’s due date,
it is considered late.
Late assignments must be turned in within one week and will not receive full credit.
For example, an assignment missed on a Tuesday must be turned in by the next Monday at
midnight or before.
Each tutor can determine their own partial credit for late assignments.
Any assignment turned in after one week will receive zero credit.  

Academic Integrity

Students at WHCT will pursue academic integrity.  

Cheating, including plagiarism, is inconsistent with West Harpeth Christian Tutorial's moral, ethical,
and spiritual standards.  Students caught cheating or plagiarizing will be given a warning, the student's other tutors will be notified if necessary, and the parents will be notified.  A second instance of cheating or plagiarism will result in a meeting with the tutor, Academic Affairs Chair, student, and parents.  
The student will be at risk of dismissal from the class with no refund.

For more detailed information on these Academic Policies, please refer to the WHCT Family Handbook or speak with a member of the Academic Affairs Committee

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