WELCOME TO WHCT West Harpeth Christian Tutorial

Becky Groves

Why I teach at WHCT:
For five years, my family has appreciated the dedication of the tutors, the friendship of the families, and the quality of the education at West Harpeth.  When I learned the Personal Finance class was needing an instructor, I felt it was an opportunity where I could use my education and experience to meet a need and serve our tutorial.

Educational Philosophy:
After teaching our four children over the last sixteen years, I’ve been amazed at how God has made each child take in and process information so differently.  With that always in mind, I work at tailoring lessons in a way that makes the content engaging, memorable, and hopefully fun for all learning styles. If there is confusion, I want to clarify it.  If there is boredom, I want to challenge it.  If there is apathy, I want to engage it. I highly encourage feedback and dialogue!

Why I teach Personal Finance:
Not many of us make it through life without using money, yet so many of us handle it poorly. Not because we mean to, but because we’re not fully aware of both opportunities and costs surrounding all our financial decisions.  I love that West Harpeth wants to be sure our kids know that God has a plan for their money.  He doesn’t hate money, but rather our tendency to LOVE money above all else. The world tells us that money, and what money can buy us, is our ultimate goal.  The one who has the most wins, right?  

I want to teach our kids, in a practical and relevant way, how to view money in the context of income and budgeting, spending and saving, investing and giving, all while keeping in mind that God has a very real purpose for our finances. Learning how to make informed financial decisions can provide our kids with confidence to manage their money well, so that they can then boldly and joyfully give to causes that further God’s kingdom.   As a CPA who has some book knowledge of finances, and as an adult who has some real-world knowledge of finances, I see this class as an opportunity to guide the younger generation to a more informed, more peaceful, more Biblically-based financial path!

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