West Harpeth Christian Tutorial Welcome to WHCT

Carol Sartain

Why I teach at WHCT:
This is our 14th year homeschooling and our family has considered West Harpeth integral to our children's homeschool experience for the last four years. I have been so blessed to see each of them learn and grow in this space in so many ways and am excited to engage with families in this community by coming alongside them to facilitate their homeschool journey.

Educational Philosophy:
I believe that learning should be experiential, engaging and interactive. I believe we remember best what we do and what we discuss with others. While I deeply value the home education experience, I’ve also seen how the classroom can provide an important platform for group learning experiences. Together we can discover the beauty and awe of our world and cultivate each other’s learning potential.

Why I teach these specific courses:
I teach science because I love watching middle school students grow in their understanding and awe of God’s amazing creation. Additionally, science provides an excellent platform for exercising critical thinking skills. General Science, specifically, provides a broad and important foundation for future science classes.

I teach Art + History because I believe art is a language. A language that speaks of the time and culture in which the artists lived, as well as a language we can learn to speak to express our own thoughts and feelings as we engage with the world around us. Learning to really “see” art from the point of view of the artist and their world, as well as to express oneself through art, gives students an opportunity to think both critically and deeply. In our hurried age, we are forced to slow down and really see what we are looking at.