WELCOME TO WHCT West Harpeth Christian Tutorial

Contact | About Me:
Mandy Reutter
[email protected]

Course Time:

  • This course is offered on Thursdays.
  • Cooking A, B, and C are identical courses offered in different periods.

Course Prerequisites:

  • While this course is open to all students, it can also count as a credit for high school students.
    (Subject to your umbrella requirements.)

Course Text:
  • none required

Course Description:

Topics covered include:
  • Safe Food Handling
  • Cooking Techniques
  • Baking Confidence
  • Use of Different Tools
  • Knife Skills
  • Exploring Spices
  • Understanding of Leavening Agents
  • Reading Recipes
  • Building Ingredient Lists
  • Constructing a Balanced Meal

Examples of meals/foods made in class may include:
  • Macaroni & Cheese
  • Biscuits
  • How to prepare chicken
  • Soups
  • Cookies
  • Cake/Cupcakes
  • Pasties/Hot Pockets
  • Grilling Steak & Chicken
  • Etc.

  • Cooking and baking using substitute ingredients either for dietary needs or because
    you don't have an ingredient in your cupboard will be an emphasis in this course.
  • All in class recipes will be made gluten free,
    however, recipes will include "all purpose flour" measurements for at home use.

Course Class Time:
  • Introduction to the recipe and ingredients will be the first 5-10 minutes of class, depending on the complexity of the dish.
  • Next will be explanation and demonstration of new skills.
  • The majority of the class will be students practicing new skills and getting comfortable with the ingredients.  

Course Homework Requirements:
  • The amount of weekly homework is dependent on how far the parent wants their student to take their new skills.
    More at home practice will result in a more confident "home chef".
    The only graded homework, however, will be the quarterly projects due at the end of each quarter.

Grades are based on:
  • personal conduct and proper safety while using equipment
  • 75%  participation
  • 25%  quarterly projects 

Specific Requirements:

  • Closed-toe shoes are required.

Course Supplies:

  • For home use:
    • kitchen scale (Please purchase this model.)
    • complete set of measuring cups
    • complete set of measuring spoons
    • 1/2" binder
    • page protectors

  • To keep at tutorial and be returned at the end of the year:
    • 5" or 7" Santoku knife (this or similar)
    • 3.5" paring knife (this or similar)
    • cutting boards (these or similar)