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Danny Willoughby
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Course Time:

  • This course is offered on Tuesdays.
  • Archery A & B are identical courses offered in two different periods.


  • This course is open to all students.


  • none required

       Course Description:

This course is designed for anyone who has never shot a bow, as well as for those that have previous experience and want to advance their skills and/or just continue having fun with archery. Students will learn the fundamentals of archery and discover it is more than just a ‘point-and-shoot’  activity. They will develop self-discipline, strength, and mental focus.  All equipment will be furnished, including bows, arrows, targets, and safety equipment. Low poundage recurve bows are used to teach proper form that will give the student better success on the target. Having fun is a major objective in this course!

       Class Time:

  • The course will start with a concentration on safety, range rules, and archery fundamentals that will prepare the student to participate in more advanced instruction and shooting technique.
  • The following classes focus on continuing instruction of safety, introduction to different types of archery/equipment, and building the shooting form skills.
  • Each class will include a short lecture on shooting techniques with most of the class time utilized for shooting activities.
  • Bad weather days will be utilized for lecture time on various topics such as shooting technique, types of bows, competition videos,
    bow building,video analysis of student’s shooting, and indoor short-range form shooting.

       Homework Requirements: 

  • none


  • 30%  conduct & safety
  • 60%  participation            
  • 10%  shooting score assessment


  • notebook for notes in class and to hold handouts