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Gretchen Thomas
[email protected]

Course Time:

  • Please note, this is a ONE SEMESTER class
    offered in the FIRST SEMESTER.

Course Prerequisites:

  • This course is open to 7th - 9th grade students.

Course Texts:

  • TBA

Course Description:

We will focus on time management, setting priorities, and goals for classes and life.
Class time will also be spent teaching study skills, reading comprehension strategies,
test taking tips and organization ideas. 

Course Class Time:

  • Class time will include an introductory activity (a game, memory work, relaxation tool, or reflection), homework check,
    class discussion, and then be followed with introducing the concept for the week using slides, handouts, videos and visuals.


Course Homework Requirements:

  • Homework will involve mostly putting the concepts learned into practice in the student's other classes.
    They will use the study skills to improve their work in History, Science, Math, English, etc.
  • Students will also put into practice their own time management systems using a morning routine, daily schedule, and evening routine.
    These things will take time, but should be built into a regular habit, rather than taking a designated sit down homework time.
  • Overall, weekly homework should take no more than 2 hours (at a very high estimate, if there is a reading assignment or memory work).



  • This is really a pass/fail type class.
    If students show up, do the work and put in their best effort,
    they will pass very easily with high marks.
    If students put off the work, don't engage in class, make excuses,
    and do not expect much from themselves, they will not do as well.

Course Supplies:

  • a notebook or binder section for notes
  • an daytimer/organizer of choice
    (not needed at the beginning of the year)
  • 3x5 cards 

**Summer Assignment:
Each student will complete an online online intelligence/learning styles test.
The purpose of this is to make each student more aware of their strengths and the abilities that God has given them to succeed in life.