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Kristin von dem Bussche
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Course Time:

  • This course is offered on Tuesdays.


  • This course is open to 6th - 8th grade students.


  • The Bible
    Your choice of version, but must contain the Old Testament and New Testament.
    The curriculum uses NIRV.

Course Description:

In Old Testament Survey (first semester), students will learn the 39 books, and groupings of those books.
They will see why God made us and the world, as they're introduced to our common history and purpose.
They'll examine how God created the world, how the first family was established, and how sin entered the world.
They'll also learn about worship's beginnings in the era of Noah, and about how the adventure of faith begins
with Abraham and many other biblical figures: Joseph, Moses, Samuel, David, Josiah, Daniel and Esther.

In New Testament Survey (second semester), students will learn the 27 books, the groupings of those books,
as well as get a solid understanding of the important truths they contain!
Each lesson features a New Testament person who helps them learn how they can be full members in God's Kingdom.

Class Time:

  • Each class will begin with a brief overview of the “big idea”, the aims of the lesson, the primary Bible verse,
    and additional verses that tie in to the topic being discussed.
    The possible sections of each class are as follows:

    • Starter: This first section helps students get to know each other better and focus on the theme of the lesson in a fun and engaging way.

    • Message/Lecture: The Message section enables students to look up to God by relating the words of Scripture to the session topic.

    • Dig: Unfortunately, many young people are biblically illiterate.
      In this section, students look inward and discover how God’s Word connects with their own world,
      as well as get their hands on the pages of their Bible and become more familiar with it.

    • Apply: Students are given the opportunity to think through the issues at hand.
      The apply section leads students out into their world with specific challenges to apply at school,
      at home and with their friends.

    • Reflect: This concluding section will allow students to reflect on the material presented in each lesson.
      This might look like simple homework assignments, scripture to memorize,
      as well as learning the books of the Bible, groupings of books, etc.


Homework Requirements:

  • Weekly homework may vary from scripture memorization, learning the books of the Bible in order and by groupings,
    simple research and application that will hopefully get them opening up their Bible throughout the week.



  • 25%  class participation
  • 25%  scripture memory
  • 25%  homework
  • 25%  quizzes and tests


  • Bible containing both Old and New Testaments.
    I recommend a Student Bible or version they are able to read with ease.
  • 1" binder