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Kristi Lockwood
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Course Time:

  • This course is offered on Thursdays.


  • This course is open to 9th -12th grade students.


Course Description:

We live in turbulent times, and it is more important than ever to have a firm understanding
of from where we have come, and how the United States became what it is today.

Taught from a Biblical worldview, this course will help students gain an understanding of the forces,
issues, and events that have shaped the United States, and the people who made it happen.
As such, this is a critical-thinking style course, not simply a regurgitation of facts. Although, that will happen, too.  :-)

Class Time:

  • Class time will be spent on discussion, lesson review, lecture, and group activities.

Homework Requirements:

  • Weekly Homework will consist of reading a chapter in the student text, helpfully divided into four sections,
    and completing assigned comprehension questions.
  • Students will take a short weekly quiz on Schoology.
  • Some weeks will include in-depth questions or research topics.
  • Students will take a test on Schoology at the end of each quarter.
  • Approximately 4-6 times per semester, students will be asked to research and discuss a current event.
  • Students will complete one project at the end of each semester, consisting of a visual aid and an in-class presentation.

Late Policy:

  • In order to receive full credit work must be received by midnight of the due date.
  • Half credit given if received by midnight, Wednesday, of the following week.
  • Zero points given if received after that, except in case of illness, or if other arrangements have been made.


  • 30%  homework
  • 20%  quizzes
  • 30%  quarter test
  • 20%  projects

  • Students will also be given a participation grade for each semester,  which will be weighted as a quiz grade.
  • Participation means coming to class prepared, i.e. chapter read, homework completed, and contributing to class discussion.

Specific Requirements:

  • Students will periodically be asked to bring a laptop or tablet to class.



  • textbook
  • three-ring binder, with front and back pockets for handouts,
  • and a clear front cover sleeve for their syllabus
  • loose leaf, college-ruled paper
  • blue or black pens