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Course Time:

  • This course is offered on Thursdays.
  • Please note, this is a one semester/.5 credit course
    that is only offered in the FIRST SEMESTER.


  • This course is open to 10th-12th grade students.
  • It is recommended, but not required, that students take
    American History before enrolling in Government.


  • Declaration Statesmanship, 4th edition
    ISBN-  9781497537965

Course Description:

Using the Declaration of Independence as a jumping off point, this course will combine history, philosophy,
and civics to show how the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution established governments that attempted to fulfill its ideals.

In addition to studying the philosophy behind our founding documents,
we will spend a great deal of time on the "nuts and bolts" of our system of government. 

Class Time:

  • Class time will be spent in discussion - engaging with the topics and issues raised during the week,
    lesson review, lecture, and group activities.
  • There will also be periodic quizzes over the reading and amendments.

Homework Requirements:

  • Students should plan on spending two to four hours per week working on this course.
  • Homework will include reading from the assigned chapter, reading primary documents (provided by tutor or found online),
    memorizing a portion of The Declaration of Independence, and completing various discussion questions and activities.
  • Students will present a final project at the end of the semester.
  • A final exam will be given on Schoology.

Late Policy:

  • In order to receive full credit work must be received by midnight of the due date.  
  • Half credit given if received by midnight, Wednesday, of the following week.
  • Zero points given if received after that, except in case of illness, or if other arrangements have been made.


  • 20%  homework
  • 20%  quizzes / memory work
  • 20%  final exam
  • 20%  end of year project
  • 20%  participation

  • Participation is vital in a class such as this.
    Participation means coming to class prepared and engaging with the tutor and fellow students
    about the ideas and concepts covered in that week's homework.  

Specific Requirements:

  • Internet access and a reliable printer are required for this course.
  • All written work outside of class must be typed and brought to class.


  • textbook
  • three-ring binder, with front and back pockets for handouts, and a clear front cover sleeve for their syllabus
  • loose leaf, college-ruled paper
  • blue or black pens