West Harpeth Christian Tutorial Welcome to WHCT

  • This course is offered on Thursdays.

Course Recommendations:

  • Middle School TN History is recommended for 6th-7th grade students.
  • This course, or our Middle School Ancient History, is recommended
    for our 7th and 8th grade students.
  • If you desire your child to take a history class in a year other than recommended,
    please speak with the tutor or a member of the Academic Affairs Committee.


  • All American History Volume 2 (The Civil War to the 21st Century)
    ISBN-  1892427427  

Course Description:

We will begin our year with a short overview of life in America that led to the Civil War.

From there we will focus on the Civil War, recovery from the Civil War,
and the different Presidents of the US and their accomplishments.

Finally, we will make a timeline for the students to visualize what has happened
in the US from 1861 to today.

Class Time:

  • In our class time we will review the lesson, answer any questions from worksheets,
    watch PowerPoints covering the information discussed, learn map skills,
    present presentations, and learn note-taking skills.

Homework Requirements:

  • Students should plan for 2-3 hours per week to read the material and answer questions.
  • Occasionally the students will need to spend more time when working on a project.
  • While most tests will be given in class, there will be occasional tests sent home to be
  • proctored by a parent.


  • 20%  class participation
  • 20%  homework
  • 20%  test & map quizzes
  • 40%  projects & presentations


  • textbook 
  • one-inch, three-ring binder
  • lined paper
  • colored pencils for maps

**Summer Assignment:
There will be a reading and writing assignment due the first day of class.