West Harpeth Christian Tutorial Welcome to WHCT

Course Time:

  • This course is offered on Thursdays.


    • This course is open to 10th - 12th grade students.
    • Students are required to have a basic command of writing and understand the 5 paragraph essay.
    • ALL students must pass a writing placement test prior to registration.


    • The Hodges Harbrace Handbook, 18th Edition
      ISBN-   1111346704
      This is the same text used in Basic Composition.
    • The Miniature Guide to Critical Thinking
      ISBN-   0944583105  (kindle / digital copy acceptable)
      This guide is only used for a few assignments.
      It is, however, necessary for those assignments.        

    Course Description:

    This class builds on the English skills taught in Basic Composition;
    however, students who have strong writing skills will also be welcome in this class.

    Students will learn how to conduct effective and professional research,
    as well as logic skills that will prepare them for college.
    They will learn how to integrate that critical thinking into their writing.

    The class will cover a paper over logic, an essay requiring students
    to defend a Biblical belief, and finally a paper that will ask students to
    take an argumentative thesis and defend it using the research they have discovered.

    This is a class that prepares them for college level work.     

    Class Time: 

    • Lecture on Logic (as it relates to writing and paper assignments)
    • tests over readings 
    • in-class drill and writing focused on grammar and essay assignments 
    • primary essay assignments and research written and conducted outside of class

    Homework Requirements:
    • Writing, more writing, and thinking.  
    • Assignments will cover grammar and logic.
    • In both cases, the assignments will require the student to write their answers coherently
      or to analyze and rewrite sentences for grammar practice.    
    • Students should expect to spend 3-5 hours per week on homework.
      Students often perform at different levels, so some students may spend
      more time on assignments and essays than others.
    • The work should be spread out throughout the week for optimal learning.


    • Tests are 10 questions each and multiple choice.
    • As a writing course, we will have no mid-term or final.
      These days will be for submitting Primary Essay Assignments.


    • 75%   essay assignments
    • 15%   tests
    • 10%   homework

    • As this is a writing course, with papers being continually edited and improved upon,
      parents should expect grades in Schoology to flucuate significantly.
    • If you ever have concern or need clarification on a student's current grade,
      please feel free to contact me.

    Specific Requirements:

    • Students might find it easier to complete research at the end of the year if they have access
      to the Brentwood Library or the Nashville Public Library system.  However, this is not required.   


    • textbook
    • critical thinking booklet (paper or digital copy acceptable)
    • binder
    • loose-leaf, lined paper