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          Kristin von dem Bussche
          Mrs. vdB
          [email protected]

          Course Time:

      This course is offered on Tuesdays.



  • This class is typically recommended for 6th - 7th grade students.
  • If you are interested in enrolling an 8th grade student, please speak with the tutor.


  • Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology Apologia Young Explorer Series
    ISBN-  1935495143

  • Notebooking Journal for Human Anatomy and Physiology ISBN-  1935495151

Course Description:

This course will showcase the intricacy and design of the human body- from DNA and cell creation, to the skeletal,
muscular, digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous/endocrine, immune, and integumentary systems.
Health and nutrition information is integrated, as well as plenty of scripture and Biblical application.
The text is a complete guide to the human body and is written in an enjoyable, conversational tone that will keep kids engaged.

In-class experiments, reading and notebooking assignments at home, along with some additional projects each semester,
will provide interaction with concepts outside of reading and help to solidify understanding.

The Anatomy Notebooking Journal will help middle school students learn to take ownership of their learning
as they fill it with notes and reminders of what they've learned through their careful study and labs.

Class Time: 

  • Class time will include review of homework, including material they read from the text.
  • The majority of class will be spent doing hands-on experiments, so that you don’t have
    to worry about having the time or supplies for them at home.

Homework Requirements:
  • The student will be responsible for reading the material in the text on their own, on a weekly basis.
  • Other homework will include weekly notebooking journal activities,
    and a project each semester that they will present in class.
  • Students can expect to spend approximately 2 hours per week on homework.


  • Most tests will taken on Schoology, every other week,
    with the exception of a written final at the end of each semester.


  • 30%  homework
  • 30%  chapter tests
  • 20%  class participation / labs
  • 20%  semester projects


  • textbook
  • notebooking journal
    (be careful to not order the junior notebooking journal)
  • scissosrs
  • glue sticks
  • colored pencils
  • stapler and hole punch (can be kept at home)