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Course Time:

  • This course is offered on Thursdays.
  • English 1A & 1B are identical courses offered in two different periods.


  • none  


  • Writer’s Inc. 2006 Handbook
    ISBN-   9780669529951

  • Students will also need unabridged copies (either paper or digital) of the following works:
    • Around the World in Eighty Days   - by Jules Vernes
    • Jane Eyre    -by Charlotte Bronte
    • Pygmalion    -by George Bernard Shaw
    • Treasure Island    -by Robert Louis Stevenson
    • Animal Farm    -by George Orwell
    • The Tempest    -by William Shakespeare
    • Romeo and Juliet   -by William Shakespeare

I am not picky about editions/copies of these works as long as they are unabridged.
If you would like to use digital copies on a Kindle or iPad or something similar,
most could probably be downloaded for free, as they are classics.
It would be helpful, however, if students are able to have whatever copy they are using
in class for our discussions.
Audio versions are fine as well, but I would like for them to also have a print
version to read along with and to more easily complete their essays.  

Course Description:

This class will delve into various genres of classic literature, taking in-depth looks at the authors,
historical settings, and analysis of the works in relation to the common literary devices and terms
(such as setting, character, allusion, foreshadowing, etc…)

The student will write and rewrite several essays, reviewing and improving grammatical
concepts throughout, and using the Writer’s Inc. Handbook to further improve and learn
about various writing styles and techniques.
The essays will be directly related to the literature selections.

The student will write a research paper in the second semester.

We will also have two semester exams (cumulative only for the current semester).
There will be a final end-of-year project.  

Class Time:

  • We will have a brief comprehension quiz almost every class on the assigned readings.
  • We will then divide the rest of the class time between discussing, analyzing, and note-taking on the literature,
    as well as having writing workshops to work on their current essays.  

Homework Requirements:

  • Homework will entail mostly keeping up with the reading assignments,
    background research on the various authors and their works,
    and writing their bi-quarterly essays and second semester research paper.
  • Most students should be able to complete their homework, including reading
    and writing assignments, in approximately 3.5 - 5 hours per week.


  • 30%  homework
  • 30%  essays and research paper
  • 20%  quizzes
  • 20%  projects & semester tests

  • I offer extra credit for watching film versions of what we have read.
    Most selections have multiple versions on film,
    and it is up to the student and parents to decide which version to watch.
    I always suggest reading reviews and/or parent guides before viewing
    to ensure the version you choose is right for your family.


  • textbook
  • required literary works
  • one-inch three-ring binder with 8 dividers (labeled Modules 1-8)
  • blue or black ink pens
  • lined, loose-leaf notebook paper for in-class note-taking and writing
  • a student dictionary and thesaurus

**Summer Reading Assignment:
Students will read two short stories and take a short comprehension quiz
on Schoology prior to the first day of class.