West Harpeth Christian Tutorial Welcome to WHCT

Tracey Reagan
Course Time:

  • Algebra I A:  Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • Algebra I B:  Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • Please note, Algebra I A & B are identical classes offered in two different periods.
    Both A & B sections meet twice per week.


  • Students need to have completed Prealgebra.  
  • Students scoring a B or better in a prerequisite class taken at WHCT
    are not required to take a placement test for the next level class.
  • All other students must pass a short placement test prior to registration.

Text and Calculator: 

  • Prentice Hall Algebra I  2011 Edition
    Please note: 2011 Edition Only
    ISBN-  0133500403

  • any graphing calculator approved for use on the ACT (TI-84 Plus preferred)

Course Description:

Algebra I includes the study of algebraic expressions, properties, equations and inequalities,
integers and rational numbers, proportional reasoning, graphing functions,
slope, systems of equations and inequalities, polynomials, factoring, rational
expressions, and radicals.
A variety of geometry topics are also introduced.

MathXL will provide students the opportunity to get online example problems worked for every section in the text.

Class Time:

  • Students are expected to bring all materials to class and arrive on time, ready to participate.
  • Class time will include review problems, student questions, introduction to new concepts,
    and opportunities to work on new problems.
  • Students will have opportunities to work in groups.
  • There will be occasional in-class quizzes, sometimes unannounced.

Homework Requirements:

  • Each Tuesday students will receive a summary of that week's assignments.
    Assignments will be a mix of MathXL, textbook work, and/or handouts.
  • Students are expected to check answers for the odd-numbered problems
    from the textbook at home.
  • Students/parents should be diligent to get assistance as needed during the week on assignments.
    You are welcome to email or call me for help!
  • Students can expect to spend 4-5 hours per week on homework.
  • Please contact my directly if there is a situation that warrants extra time on an assignment.


  • Tests will be administered at home, with the exception of the midterm and final exams.
  • Tests will need to be proctored by a parent and will come home in a signed, sealed envelope.
    They are to be returned in the provided envelope, sealed, with a parent signature on the seal.


  • 40%  formative (homework, quizzes, participation)
  • 40%  tests
  • 20%  midterm / final  


  • textbook
  • ACT-approved graphing calculator (TI-84+ preferred)
  • binder w. 3 dividers  -labeled Notes, Homework, Quizzes/Exams
  • pencils / colored pencils / highlighters
  • loose-leaf lined paper
  • loose-leaf graph paper