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Course Time:

  • This class is offered on Tuesdays.
    Biology A & B are identical classes offered in two different periods.


  • This course is typically recommended for advanced 8th, and 9th-10th grade students.


  • Exploring Creation with Biology – 3rd Edition
    Please note, this is the newest edition.

    ISBN-  1946506451

Course Description: 

This college-prep biology course is designed to be the student's first high school science course
and provides students with a thorough understanding of the relevance of scientific inquiry.

Textbook readings are backed by hands-on experiments that take students' book knowledge
and bring it into real-world applications.
After completing this course, students will be able to understand the vocabulary of biology and gain
a strong understanding of the scientific method that will equip them to analyze data across other disciplines.

Modules cover atoms, chemical structures, ecosystems, biomes, ecological communities, cell structure and function,
cellular energy, DNA, proteins, cell cycles, and genetics (including inheritance, disorders, and technology).
Students will also learn about prokaryotes, viruses, protists, fungi, and the fascinating worlds of plants and animals.

This course does not cover the systems of the human body.

Students who take and understand this course will be well-prepared for a tough university biology course.

Class Time:

  • Class time will include reviewing study guides, lectures with PowerPoints,
    and doing labs/hands-on activities to reinforce the material from the text.
  • Labs will include microscope work and dissections.
  • Quizzes will be given in class or through Schoology every 2 weeks and quarter tests every 8 weeks. 

Homework Requirements:

  • The student will be responsible for reading the material in the text on their own on a weekly basis.
  • Other homework will include weekly study guides, worksheets, and pre-lab write-ups.
    Study guides will be graded for completion.
  • Students can expect to spend approximately 4-5 hours per week on homework.


  • Tests will be given in class or through Schoology.  


  • Quarter Grades:
    • 30%  homework (study guides and misc. worksheets)
    • 30%  lab (pre-labs, participation, and write-ups)
    • 20%  quizzes
    • 20%  quarter test

  • First Semester Grades:
    • 50%  1st quarter grade
    • 50%  2nd quarter grade
  • Second Semester Grades:
    • 50%  3rd quarter grade
    • 50%  4th quarter grade


  • textbook
  • colored pencils
  • loose-leaf lined paper
  • 3-ring binder (1”) w. dividers labeled “Study Guides”, “Experiments”, and “Quizzes/Tests”