West Harpeth Christian Tutorial Welcome to WHCT

Alisa DeBorde

Why I teach at WHCT:
For the past sixteen years, I have been homeschooling my own children while also teaching at a local university. When my son began attending WHCT five years ago, I was immediately interested in being a part of its learning community - here was a chance for me to practice the profession I love with people whose vision for learning I share. I fully support the mission of WHCT and am excited to join like-minded parents, skilled tutors, and the talented students of WHCT in a mission to honor God by teaching our children well.

Educational Philosophy:
I hold degrees in English Education (BA), Literature and Composition (MA), and Literature and Composition (PhD). My teaching experiences range from those in middle school language arts classes to college literature and writing courses. As a teacher, I believe in delivering information and assessing student comprehension in ways that allow for diversity of learning style and expression. I seek to contextualize our studies to help students see that what we learn together reaches across disciplines and beyond our classroom. However, the most important facet of my teaching philosophy centers on sharing a value and love of learning with my students.

Why I teach these specific courses:
To study literature well, one has to understand its cultural and historic contexts. To that end, while my degrees are in English, a good amount of my training and work has been in history. I have tutored American History, World History, and Geography. I enjoy teaching history because it offers points of interest for all learners. It is the map upon which I can place politics, art, literature, technology, and science. It allows thinkers to see order in time and God’s hand on our progress.