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Diana d'Artenay

Why I teach at WHCT:

I have known that I wanted to be a teacher since 1st grade.
I received my degree in Elementary Education in 2001 from
San Diego Christian College and began doing what I love.

I have taught and worked with students in almost every grade level,
subject matter, and in a variety of places (charter school, substitute teacher,
church, homeschool, co-op, and private tutor).

I enjoy teaching Spanish in a tutorial setting which provides the flexibility to teach
others and still homeschool my own children.

Having four boys, I understand the value of a good education that a child receives at home.  Yet, I also experience the challenges of teaching subject areas I feel unqualified for, or just prefer the outside accountability that another teacher
can provide.

It is an honor to be a part of WHCT, and my goal is to provide quality Spanish I and II classes for other homeschooling
families that need or want that assistance.  Being in a classroom setting and interacting with other students is invaluable to learning and communicating in Spanish.

Educational Philosophy:
Learning should be meaningful, practical, and enjoyable.
I want the experience of learning Spanish to take students to the places they want to go...literally!

Why I teach these specific courses:
I love Spanish!  I grew up in a bilingual home with a mom from Mexico who only spoke Spanish to us.
I spent vacations and summers with aunts, uncles, and cousins in different parts of Mexico.
I have been an interpreter on mission trips, helping to bridge the communication gap.
I learned first hand about the amazing culture, people, language, and FOOD (my other passion)!
I want to share that love of the Latin culture with my students and engage them in learning Spanish to enable
them to communicate with people they will meet from Latin America.

| 2022.2023 |

Current Courses

Spanish I

Spanish II