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Student Dress Code

In I Corinthians 6:19, we are told that the body given to us by God is indeed the “temple of the Holy Spirit,” and that young or old, we are to be an example to others “in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, and in purity” (I Timothy 4:12).  The message we communicate to others about ourselves and about our Lord can be greatly affected by our dress. While it is not our desire for West Harpeth Christian Tutorial to become the “fashion police,” we do request that parent and student work together in the choice of apparel that will reflect the faith, conduct, and purity mentioned in I Timothy. We should not dress in a way that puts the body on display, but rather in a way that is consistent with Christian moderation.

Guidelines while on campus and at all WHCT events:

  • Clean, modest clothing: stomach, cleavage, and undergarments must be completely covered. 

  • Skirts or dresses must be at the knee length.
    Mid-thigh skirts or dresses are allowed if fingertip-length shorts or leggings are worn underneath.

  • Shorts should be to the length of the student’s fingertips (when arms hang to the side) or longer. 

  • Sleeveless shirts should be at least 3 fingers wide.
    Arm holes should be reasonably snug and not allow the visibility of undergarments.

  • Logos, images, and messages on clothing should be appropriate and non-offensive.

  • Pants should be worn near the natural waistline.

  • Leggings are allowed if worn with a tunic or long shirt /sweater that completely covers one’s backside.

  • Holes in pants are allowed as long as no skin is visible above fingertip length.

  • Visible tattoos must be appropriate.

  • Shoes are required at all times. (Exceptions are made for theater performances.)

  • For prom & theater only, girls are allowed to wear sleeveless or strapless dresses as long as no undergarments show. Backless (defined as below the bra line) or low-cut fronts (with visible cleavage) are not appropriate.                    


Steps taken when the dress code policy is violated:

  1. If a tutor determines that a student has violated the dress code policy necessitating an incident report, the tutor will themselves write up the report and notify the Director. At the Director’s discretion, the student may be asked to change or sent home and unable to attend class that day. The incident report should be signed by the parent and student and returned to the Director.

  2. If a second offense should occur, a second incident report will be given to the student and asked to be returned, signed by both the student and the parents. Again, at the Director’s discretion, the student may be sent home and unable to attend class that day. 

  3. If a third dress code violation should occur, the student will be sent home and unable to attend class that day. Every subsequent day the student is in violation of the dress code for the remainder of the year the student will
    be sent home and unable to attend class.

Our heart is not to focus on the outward appearance, but to create a comfortable, distraction-free environment for learning.