Introduction to Fashion & Sewing




Aja Blumanhourst


Course Time:

This course is offered on Tuesdays.

Intro to Fashion and Sewing A & B are identical courses offered in two different periods.



Course Pre-Requisites:

  • This course is open to 8th - 12th grade students.




Course Description:

Introduction to Fashion & Sewing will cover the basics of sewing and an introduction to

fashion and its history.  We will learn and practice the different sewing techniques, textile
basics, reading commercial patterns, and minor alterations.


By the end of the course students will have created a textile swatch book,

sewing examples book, a hand-stitch sampler, a small bag, and two clothing

pieces made from commercial patterns.




Tentative Syllabus: (subject to change)


  • Quarter 1
     1. Introduction to the Fashion Industry
     2. History of Fashion
     3. Presentations
     4. Textiles
     5. Textile Swatch Book Activity
     6. Fabric Dye Experiments
     7. Understanding your machine
     8. Stitches Project


  • Quarter 2
     9.  Seams Project
    10. Collars
    11. Zippers
    12. Zippers
    13. Buttons / Buttonholes

    14. Embroidery Heart Sampler Project
    15. Hand stitching
    16. Hand stitching

  • Quarter 3
    17. Pockets
    18. Decorative Techniques (ruffles, etc.)
    19. Decorative Techniques
    20. Bag Project - Sewing Day
    21. Bag Project - Sewing Day

    22. Understanding Patterns
    23. Pants Project - Preparing to Sew
    24. Pants Project - Sewing Day

  • Quarter 4
    25. Pants Project - Sewing Day
    26. Pants Project - Sewing Day

    27. Shirt Project - Preparing to Sew
    28. Shirt Project - Sewing Day
    29. Shirt Project - Sewing Day
    30. Alterations
    31. Alterations
    32. Alterations


    *Days you will need your sewing machine




  • 80%  class projects

  • 10%  quizzes / presentations

  • 10%  portfolio

  • Students will receive a detailed rubric explaining the grading criteria for each project
    before the course begins, and will receive a grade and written online comments for 
    ​each completed project via Schoology.

  • Grading will be based on finished class projects, portfolio (finished class projects into
    a binder), and presentations/quizzes.

  • Students can revise and resubmit a graded project for a higher grade with no penalty.
    This must be done by the next week of class.

  • Projects will be accepted late, however, students cannot receive full credit for a late
    project.  Late projects must be handed in by the end of that quarter.




Specific Requirements:

  • Internet access is required for this course.




Course Supplies:



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