Middle School Survey of the Bible


Carla Peluso


Course Time:

This course is offered on Tuesdays.
Students may sign up for one or both semesters.


Course Prerequisites:

  • This course is open to all middle school students.

  • Please speak with the tutor or a member of the Academic Affairs Committee
    if you are concerned about the readiness of your student.




Course Text:

  • TBA




Course Description:
An introductory course on the Bible which presents all the important themes and ties both
Old and New Testaments into one story.
The class will  structured in such a way as to allow students to enroll in one or both semesters.
The first semester will focus on Old Testament and the second semester will be on the New Testament.


  • Old Testament:

    • Pentateuch (Genesis - Deuteronomy)

    • Historical Books (Joshua - Esther)

    • Poetic Books (Job - Song of Solomon)

    • Major Prophets (Isaiah - Daniel)

    • Minor Prophets (Hosea - Malachi)


  • New Testament:

    • Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John)

    • Acts of the Apostles

    • Epistles

    • Revelation




Course Class Time:

  • Introduction to the scripture text, concepts, and history

  • The majority of the class will be reading and discussion.




Course Homework Requirements:

  • Homework will be some scripture reading and fill in the blank.

  • Each quarter students will have a test going over books of the Bible learned,
    and some central themes.

  • At the end of each Semester, there will be a visual project due based on a historial scene, geographic location, or theme we discussed. These will be presented to the whole class.





  • 50%  homework

  • 25%  quarterly tests

  • 25%  semester projects



Specific Requirements:

  • Internet access is required for this course.




Course Supplies:

  • Bible

  • 1” binder

  • highlighters

  • boards, markers, other craft supplies needed
    for end-of-semester visual projects.



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