Performance Music

Monika Lambert

Course Time:
This course is offered on Tuesdays.

Course Pre-Requisites:

  • While this course is open to all students, it can also be considered
    a .5 Fine Arts credit for high school students.

  • All students must prepare 4 bars of unaccompanied music to sing
    (ex: chorus to favorite song) in order to be vocally placed in SATB
    sections on the first day of class. (Soprano, Alto, Tenor,Bass)


Course Resources: (No Purchase Needed)


  • Harmony Vocals by Hal Leonard

  • various sheet music TBD



Course Description:

This class gives students the opportunity to study and perform traditional and
experimental forms of music and choreography.

All assessments and assignments will be primarily performance and participation based.

Students will learn about warming-up the body and voice with muscle movement activities- including dancing while singing, singing in 3-part harmonies, expressive body percussion,
and various vocal exercises.

Students will also develop their knowledge in music theory with sight-singing and music dictation.

During the third quarter, students will get to experience studio booth techniques with Lambo Studios and record a capella.

There will be two live shows, one at Christmas and one at the end of the year.

Course Class Time:

  • Each class will begin with a 10-minute body and vocal warm-up.

  • We will then review any key points from the prior week,

       followed by jumping into the week's song or choreography focus.

  • Song history will be discussed at times, in order to set the mood.

  • Vocal parts will be assigned to each student, but they are free to volunteer for desired parts.


Course Homework Requirements:

  • Voice and movement homework will be assigned each week-
    basically just practicing the songs that are assisgned in class.

  • Students must expect to allot at least 20 minutes per day for rehearsal/practice.

  • During the weeks prior to any performances extra group rehearsals will need to
    be arranged outside of class.


  • 40%  performance

  • 55%  participation

  •   5%  pop quiz


Specific Requirements:

  • There will be three major graded performances:
    The Christmas Program, Studio Recording Session, and the Spring Performance.
    All students must participate to receive a passing grade.


Course Supplies:

  • folder for sheet music (provided)

  • pencils

  • erasers





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