World of Photography I

Vance Lambert

Course Time:
This course is offered on Tuesdays.

Course Pre-Requisites:

  • This course is open to 9th - 12th grade students.


Course Texts:  (No Purchase Required)


  • The Beginner’s Photography Guide, 2nd Edition (2016) 
    -by Keith Kyker

    Please note: The students do NOT need to purchase any texts for this class.
    Resources are listed for informational purposes only.
    The tutor will provide handouts for any information needed.



Course Description:

World of Photography 1 is a course designed to provide a solid understanding of professional DSLR cameras, common lighting techniques, and the most popular genres of photography used today.  We will study the many ways of shaping & controlling light with hands-on demonstration, as well as conduct group photo shoots in the areas of nature, architecture, macro, astro, light, painting, product, food, action, and portrait photography.

This course will conclude with a printed portfolio featuring the class’ best work throughout the year.




Course Class Time:

A typical class time will consist of a lecture & slideshow covering that unit's photography case studies. Dozens of examples are broken down to help show "why" the photographer shot an image that way. Student photo submissions are often also shown and positively critiqued by the instructor so that we may all learn from each other. Following our lecture is typically an in-class live demonstration, or hands-on practice over what was discussed. Student is required to bring their camera to class every week, fully charged with an SD card. Tripod & Scrim is only required when asked by instructor in days prior to class.


Course Homework Requirements:

  • Weekly photo assignments.  

  • Assignments will be hands-on only and will likely take approximately 30-45
    minutes per week.

  • Some assignments may require short travel to find the best locations near you
    that are not in your own backyard or home.





  • Written quizzes will be given throughout the course with study guides being provided.


  • Grading will occur on a per project / unit basis, as well as the final year-end creative project.

  • Grading rubric can be provided upon request.


Equipment Requirements:  (please contact Mr. Lambert prior to purchase.)



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