Spanish II

Diana d'Artenay

Course Time:
Tuesdays & Thursdays 
Please note, this class meets twice per week.

Course Pre-Requisites:

  • Spanish I

  • Students must pass a short placement test prior to registration.
    Students scoring a B or better in Spanish I taken at WHCT
    are not required to take a placement test for the next level class.

Course Texts: (provided via lab fee)

  • Somos Curriculum Level 1 Units 1-9+

  • Garbanzo Subscription - online reading lessons

  • Señor Wooly – Songs, Video, Online Activities

  • Beginner Level Spanish Novel for Language Learners

  • For returning students who were in Spanish 1 at WHCT, we will no longer be
    using Breaking the Spanish Barrier as our primary text.
    If you have benefitted from the workbook exercises and would like to continue working through that text, I would be happy to provide support as needed, both
    in-person and through online resources.
    I will continue to provide the online grammar resources that I have collected on Schoology as they are helpful tools for students.



Course Description:

This is a Comprehension-Based Spanish class that will ultimately provide a better understanding of the Hispanic speaking culture, as well as develop strategies for learning the Spanish language through listening, reading, speaking, and writing exercises.  My job is to provide comprehensible input in Spanish so students hear enough repetitions to acquire the language and become more proficient in communicating.

Throughout the year we will be memorizing several Bible passages that share the
gospel message.

We will also have class projects, cultural presentations, and use music, videos,
and games to make learning Spanish fun and more meaningful.


Course Class Time:

Students will learn how to listen and understand what is being communicated in Spanish. We will focus on High Frequency vocabulary relevant to daily life.

Students will also engage in comprehension practice through group dialogue and interaction. Grammar will be taught in contextualized conversation and not in

an isolated, explicit way.

As the majority of our practice with speaking Spanish will happen in the classroom,
students are expected to participate actively every day and have homework assignments completed.




Course Homework Requirements:

  • Students will have homework daily and will need to dedicate sufficient time to complete all assignments.  Please plan for 45-60 minutes 3x per week.

  • Some assignments will need to be completed online.
    (Garbanzo, Señor Wooly, Quizlet, Duolingo)

  • Successfully helping your child learn Spanish will have to be a team effort!


  • 25%  reading comprehension

  • 25%  listening comprehension

  • 15%  writing performance

  • 10%  speaking performance

  •   5%  formative assessment

  • 20%  homework

  • There will be opportunities for Extra Credit



Specific Requirements:

  • Internet access is required for this course.

  • Videos and resources will be posted on Schoology to supplement
    the material we are covering in class.

  • Students will need to be able to log into their accounts for Garbanzo,
    Señor Wooly, Quizlet and Duolingo to complete assignments.

  • Cell phone use in class is only permitted when instructed by the tutor.
    (Quizlet Live game, SpanishDiet, Wordreference, etc.)
    While a cell phone is not required, the above apps should be installed for
    classroom use for those that do bring a phone.

Course Supplies:

  • English/Spanish dictionary (book format) – McKay’s has them for under $1

  • Spanish or Bilingual Bible (can be online or an app)
    NVI version recommended

  • lined notebook paper

  • 1" binder with 8 dividers


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