WELCOME TO WHCT West Harpeth Christian Tutorial

Gretchen Thomas

Why I teach at WHCT:
Because I believe in the power and importance of homeschooling, I would love to come alongside other homeschool parents and inspire their students to be their best selves by reinforcing the concepts they are already being taught at home.

Educational Philosophy:
I always wanted my children's education to look more like the Pevensie children, rather than like Eustace who... "liked books if they were books of information and had pictures of grain elevators or of fat foreign children doing exercises in model schools.” Education preparing them for life, not just for college.

Why I teach these specific courses:
I have heard of many students just out of high school trying to make their own way who say, " why didn't they teach us any of these real life things that we need to know?" I would love to inspire students with their own greatness and capability to face the future with a positive attitude and solid habits that will in many cases get them farther than good grades ever will.