WELCOME TO WHCT West Harpeth Christian Tutorial

Jennifer Pelletier

Why I teach at WHCT:
My family became a West Harpeth family just four years ago.  Our older son had friends attending classes, so he asked to attend as well. We've loved our time here so far, and now that he has graduated we still look forward to our younger son's four years of high school.  Tutoring classes at West Harpeth, and working as a study hall monitor, has been such a rewarding experience, and it's let me make an impact in the lives of the student body.  I hope to pour into them with wisdom, give them the confidence to become the unique and beautiful people they were created to become, and see them excel at all that they do.

Educational Philosophy:
I believe that students are hungry for input, that they crave knowledge, and I believe that a Biblical foundation is crucial to anchor their minds and bodies into a Christ-following path.  As parents, we are uniquely qualified to understand our own children and their needs, and I believe that the parents who choose to homeschool their children want sound teaching from Bible-believing tutors for their children's education. I further believe that families who choose West Harpeth are seeking Biblically-based quality teaching in subject matters beneficial to secondary education. I hope that I can help provide the students at West Harpeth with guidance, wisdom, and fun.

Why I teach these specific courses:
I LOVE both theater and study hall.  In study hall, I get to see students in their environment more than they are in class.  They are less stressed about coursework and generally having more fun.  I enjoy watching them interact with new students, work together as teams, and supporting and encouraging one another- and they do it daily!  In theater, we get to encourage students to stretch themselves and push their own boundaries to learn what they are capable of accomplishing.  This is something that carries them through all of their lives.  They gain communication skills, confidence, and learn to express emotions, among various other performance skills and even organizational skills they practice in classes.

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Current Courses:

High School Theater Assistant
Study Hall Monitor