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Kellie Adelgren

 Why I teach at WHCT:

I am the mother of three children whom I have homeschooled for the past nineteen years. My two oldest have benefitted immensely from their involvement at WHCT, and I am thrilled to be able to give back and hopefully bless other homeschooling families who are looking to supplement their educational journeys.  

Educational Philosophy:
I have always loved to learn, and by teaching subjects that I am passionate about, it is my hope and desire to pass on that zeal to my students.  I believe that learning can and should be fun, but I also believe that discipline, character, and other valuable life lessons can be taught through academics.

Why I teach these specific courses: 
I have a degree in English and a minor in Secondary Education. I taught middle and high school English for two years at a private Christian school. I have always had a great love for and interest in literature and writing, and I greatly enjoy sharing that enthusiasm with my students.

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Current Courses

English 8
English I