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Kelly Barrett

Why I teach at WHCT:
I have been an educator at tutorial programs for 16 years, where I have taught physical science,
biology, marine biology, human anatomy, and chemistry to home-school students in 8th through
12th grades. I will be entering my 3rd year with WHCT and I cannot say enough wonderful things
about this tutorial, its director, the board, the tutors, families, and students.
I have always loved the flexibility to teach a few days a week and continue share my love of the sciences, while also having time to be home with my own three children.
I feel so blessed to be a part of such a well-run tutorial and to be a given the opportunity to teach such amazing students.

Educational Philosophy:
I have always loved the sciences, and it gives me such joy to pass that love on to others.
I know that not all students will be going into fields that focus on these subjects,
but my goal is to show them how they can apply science to their lives in many ways.
I love to help students learn topics and problem solve in ways they didn’t think they were capable.
If a student is willing to learn I will do all that I can to help them be successful.
There is science all around us, and all of it shows the creativity and genius of our Creator.

Why I teach these specific courses:
I have a broad background in biology, chemistry, and physical science.
I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and General Science/Pre-Med from Bowling Green State University in Ohio,
having graduated with Honors and a Master’s in Education degree from Alfred University in New York, specializing in secondary education and biology.
In addition to my 16 years teaching at tutorials, I also have taught science at Page Middle School and Father Ryan High School.
Chemistry is one of my favorite sciences to teach.
Over the years I feel that I have been able to come up with ways to get the key concepts across more effectively.
I will be teaching Lab Tech for the first time this upcoming year.
I hope to learn from Mrs. Winn’s success and bring my love of hands-on labs, graphing and analysis to the class to help students
learn these concepts and improve their ACT scores.

| 2022.2023 |

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Lab Tech