West Harpeth Christian Tutorial Welcome to WHCT

Kristi Lockwood

Why I teach at WHCT:
I have been a homeschooling parent of four for 20 years. WHCT has played such a key role in our homeschooling success in the middle and high school years that it is my hope to give back to this place that has meant so much to us. I desire to provide an environment conducive to learning and growth, and I am excited to play a part in equipping young people for whatever future the Lord has for them.

Educational Philosophy:
Learning is not just something that takes place in a classroom, or between the ages of five and eighteen. Learning should be a life-long pursuit. I believe in creating an environment where students are challenged to think critically, to think about the WHY behind what they believe. I desire to equip students to not only successfully finish their high school career, but to inspire them to continue learning, in whatever form that may take.

Why I teach these specific courses:
I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Education, with a minor in Biblical Studies, and an emphasis in Communication. I have the privilege of teaching subjects about which I am deeply passionate. Through reading great literature, and understanding the world around us, students will be able to discover how they fit into The Great Story. I desire to provide not only a depth of exposure to wonderful and challenging literature, and an understanding of historical events, but to prepare students for the viewpoints and worldviews that they will certainly encounter when they leave high school.