West Harpeth Christian Tutorial Welcome to WHCT

Lauren Massey

Why I teach at WHCT:
I love the students and families at WHCT, and I enjoy being a part of their educational journey.

Educational Philosophy:
Because students learn in a variety of ways, a well-rounded class includes various methods of instruction. These methods can and should be fun! The more we enjoy what we are learning about, the more likely we are to retain that information. I also believe that the best way to learn information is to teach it to someone else, so we will take several opportunities for students to present information to each other. Finally, students in a classroom should feel safe with both the teachers and their peers. By fostering honesty, respect, and kindness in our discussions, we can all feel safe as we discuss some uncomfortable topics.

Why I teach these specific courses:
I am passionate about the continuing pursuit of wellness. As we take good care of our bodies, minds, and souls, we can be available to serve in whatever ways the Lord calls us.

| 2022.2023 |

Current Courses

Health & Wellness