Tom Carson

Course Time:
Tuesdays & Thursdays
Please note, this class meets twice per week.

Course Prerequisites:

  • Students need to have completed Algebra II and Geometry.

  • Students scoring a B or better in a pre-requisite class taken at WHCT are
    not required to take a placement test for the next level class.

  • All other students must pass a short placement test prior to registration.



Course Text and Calculator:


  • Lial, Hornsby, Schneider, Daniels, Precalculus, 5e
    ISBN-  9780321783806


  • any graphing calculator approved for use on the ACT
    (TI-84 Plus preferred)

Course Description:
Precalculus is an advanced math course serving as a vital bridge between Algebra II
and Calculus. In many cases, Precalculus is the first exposure students have to higher mathematics and will explore familiar topics in more thorough detail, including function analysis, trigonometry, and matrix algebra.

While this course assumes students will progress to higher level mathematics, the course is structured to include various lab and class activities to engage students of all learning styles in the classroom.



Course Class Time:

  • Answer questions from homework

  • Learn new concepts

  • Practice exercises


Course Homework Requirements: (subject to change as course flow dictates)

  • Each Tuesday students will receive a summary of that week’s assignments,
    which will be a mix of MathXL and textbook exercises.

  • Students are expected to check answers to odd-numbered exercises from the
    textbook at home.

  • Students/parents should be diligent to get assistance as needed during the week
    on assignments. You are welcome to email or call me for help!

  • Please contact me directly if there is a situation which warrants extra time on an assignment.




  • Tests will be administered at home in order to best utilize class time.


  • 40%  formative (homework, quizzes, participation)

  • 40%  tests

  • 20%  midterm & final

Specific Requirements:

  • Internet access is required for Math XL.


Course Supplies:

  • textbook

  • binder w. dividers  -labeled Notes, Homework, Study Materials, Assessments.

  • ACT-approved graphing calculator (TI-84+ preferred)

  • loose-leaf lined paper

  • loose-leaf graph paper

  • pencils / red pen / blue pen

  • high-quality metal compass (not plastic)

  • protractor



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