Art of Writing II


Bob Lawrence

Course Time:
This course is offered on Thursdays.

Course Pre-Requisites: 

  • This course is for students who have taken Art of Writing 1 or demonstrate
    sufficient skill in critical thinking, writing skill, and MLA style.

  • If you wish to enroll a student that has not previously taken Art of Writing I,
    please contact the tutor prior to registration.


Course Texts:

  • The Hodges Harbrace Handbook, 18th Edition
    ISBN-   1111346704
    This is the same text used in Basic Composition, as well as Art of Writing I.


Class Description:

Students who wish to further increase their writing ability and research skills to a
more professional and academic level will flourish in this class. 

We will create a community of writers dedicated to improving their skills,
to create a strong writer's voice, to help others with what they themselves
have been taught, and to develop professional research skills. 

The class will be tailored to the students.

For more information, please contact the tutor.





  • As this is a writing course, with papers being continually edited and improved upon,
    parents should expect grades in Schoology to flucuate significantly.  If you ever have
    concern or need clarification on a student's current grade, please feel free to contact me.



Specific Requirements:

  • Internet access and a reliable printer are required.



Course Supplies:

  • textbook

  • binder

  • loose-leaf, lined paper


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