7th Grade English



Lisa Florian


Course Time:
This course is offered on Thursdays.

Course Pre-Requisites: 

  • none



Course Texts (2):


  • Write Source (2009)  Student Book Grade 7
    ISBN-  0669009032


  • Unabridged copy of Johnny Tremain,  by Esther Forbes


  • various short stories (supplied by tutor)



Course Description:
This course will be divided into three main parts: Writing / Grammar / Literature.

Emphasis will be placed on the basics of writing, and students will work on
developing their writing skills through Descriptive, Persuasive, and Expository

We will also complete a thorough review of grammar, particularly as it pertains to
grammar for writing.

Students will complete an Interactive Reading Literary Notebook that introduces
various literary elements. We will read one novel this year with an emphasis on
“close reading.” The novel will also contain our vocabulary unit for the year.

Students will complete a project each semester designed to focus on developing
speaking and listening skills.

Course Class Time:

  • Class time will be used to work on the current writing assignment and to introduce
    new grammar and literature concepts.



Course Homework Requirements:

  • Every week will consist of reading, some type of writing, and grammar work.

  • A Homework Schedule will be provided each week that outlines what students should accomplish each day in order to prepare for the next class.

  • The amount of time spent on English homework each day will vary, depending on the current assignment(s), as well as from student to student, but students can expect to spend an average of one hour per day, four to five days a week, on English.



  • 20%  homework completion

  • 20%  writing assignments

  • 20%  literature

  • 20%  grammar

  • 20%  projects


  • There will be extra credit opportunities throughout the year.



Specific Requirements:

  • Internet access is required for this course.



Course Supplies:

  • textbook

  • copy of Johnny Tremain (hard copy, not digital)

  • 1"  three-ring binder with 8 tabbed dividers

  • composition book

  • colored pencils

  • pens, pencils, highlighters

  • loose-leaf, lined paper




**Summer Assignment:
In order to have an idea of the writing style and mechanics of each student,
there will be a small summer writing assignment to complete by the first day of school.

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