English III/IV American Literature (scheduled 2021.2022)



Kristi Lockwood

Course Time:
This course is offered on Thursdays.

English III/IV alternates yearly between British and American Literature,
thus allowing students to cover each genre if taken both years.

American Literature is scheduled to be offered again in 2021.2022 (subject to change)
British Literature will be offered in 2020.2021

Course Pre-Requisites:

  • Students should have completed English I or its equivalent.

  • Completion of English II is recommended, but not required.

Course Texts:


  • Students will need unabridged copies of the following works:
    *The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn​   - by Mark Twain (summer reading assignment)
    *The Scarlet Letter​   - by Nathaniel Hawthorne
    *The Great Gatsby  ​ - by  F. Scott Fitzgerald
    *To Kill a Mockingbird  ​ - by Harper Lee
    *Fahrenheit 451  ​ - by Ray Bradbury
    *Our Town​   - by Thornton Wilder
    *The Glass Menagerie​   - by Tennessee Williams

  • The tutor will provide copies of, or links to, all short stories, poems, and essay excerpts.

Course Description:

This class will provide an in-depth look at classic American literature from several genres,

including short stories, essays, novels, poetry, and plays.

Class discussion will include information about the author, historical setting, and common
literary devices and terms.

Students will learn to identify themes and analyze those themes through the lens of their
own Christian worldview.  

Vocabulary and grammar will be taught organically in the context of the literature and essay

Course Class Time:

  • Each class session will begin with a short comprehension quiz.

  • The remainder of our class time will be spent in discussion of the literary selection,

       analysis of themes, note-taking/lecture, and in-class writing assignments and activities.  

Course Homework Requirements:

  • Weekly homework will consist of reading a literature selection, various discussion 
    and comprehension questions, and vocabulary work. 

  • Depending on the speed with which a student reads,
    approximately 4-5 hours a week will be spent on English III/IV assignments. 

Late Policy:

  • In order to receive full credit work must be received by midnight of the due date.  

  • Half credit given if received by midnight, Wednesday, of the following week.

  • Zero points given if received after that, except in case of illness, or if other arrangements      have been made. 


  • 20%  quizzes

  • 20%  homework

  • 30%  essays / writing

  • 30%  unit tests / vocabulary tests

  • Students will also be given a participation grade for each semester, which will
    be weighted as a unit test.  Participation means coming to class prepared -
    homework finished, chapters read, and participating in class discussion.


Specific Requirements:

  • Internet access and a reliable printer are required for this course.

  • Students will participate in one group project, and will work on a research paper
    during the second semester.

  • A test will be given at the end of each unit; this will be in lieu of a cumulative semester final.

  • All homework must be typed, so access to a computer and word processing program
    is essential.  This includes vocabulary assignments, discussion questions, and essays.  

  • All essays will follow MLA format.

  • Periodically, students may be asked to view film adaptations of some of the works we
    are studying.  I will give plenty of notice as to when these viewings must be completed.

Course Supplies:

  • required literary works

  • binder with a clear front pocket

  • loose leaf, college-ruled paper  

  • blue or black pens

  • access to a student dictionary or thesaurus


**Summer Reading Assignment:
Students will read ​The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn​  by Mark Twain.

There will be a short writing assessment based on this novel on the first day of class.



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