Introductory High School Grammar & Composition



Alisa DeBorde

Course Time:
This course is offered on Thursdays.


  • Students should have a basic command of grammar,
    sentence structure, and essay writing.

  • This course is open to 9th - 12th grade students. 
    However, it is geared towards the 9th - 10th grade student
    that wants a solid introduction to high school-level grammar and writing.
    You can compare it to our Basic Composition class here.

    If you would like further clarification on which class is best suited for your student,
    please contact the tutor or a member of the Academic Affairs Committee.




Course Description:

In this class, students will study essay-writing, building from the development of an effective paragraph to a well-developed essay. Genre- and theme-based learning units will move
students from critically reading model compositions to practicing invention, drafting, peer-review, self-review, and editing strategies.
To help students see that many writing skills transcend genre, and to facilitate the deployment of specific stylistic, grammatical, and organization skills, students will read and write in various modes and forms (poetry, vignette, short fiction, and essay).
Each semester will culminate in a writing portfolio or blog where students will compile their revised compositions; demonstrate improvement in grammar, mechanics, and usage; and reflect upon their growth as a writer.


This class will feature differentiated instruction, and as such, any high-school writer who is willing to spend 3-5 hours a week in reading, language study, and writing is welcome.
Its emphasis on improving writing through the study of grammar, mechanics, and usage will help to prepare students for Basic Composition, Art of Writing, and our other high-school English classes.


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