West Harpeth Christian Tutorial Welcome to WHCT

Niki Thiessen

Why I teach at WHCT:
As the mother of four children, I have homeschooled for over twenty years.  I respect parents who endeavor to nurture and train their children through home education, but I also understand the challenges homeschooling presents, especially as children enter the high school grades.  It is my desire to assist these families in their child’s education, to help ensure academic success and fulfillment throughout the middle and high school years.

Educational Philosophy:
I believe learning can be fun. My desire is to engage students in discussions and help them participate in activities that will enliven the material for them. As they learn and master the foundations of science, they will learn to reason and think logically about science from a Biblical perspective.

Why I teach these specific courses:
I received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Southern California. An enthusiastic high school Biology teacher sparked my love for science. I hope to make science fun (or at least tolerable) for my students in the same way.