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Study Hall

If you heard about WHCT from a friend, there's a good chance you know that one of the highlights of our tutorial is Study Hall. Unlike a traditional study hall, our study hall is meant to be a time of connection, fun, and yes, also the occasional homework session.

Our Study Hall monitors keep a close eye on things, while also allowing the freedom to talk, play games, and grab snacks from the snack shack. When the weather cooperates, students can also go outside to hang out and/or play sports and games.You will also always find kids working on homework, which is totally fine, too!

If your child is wanting to build friendships and connect, we encourage you to sign up for a study hall!

Study Hall is held in the Fellowship Hall during every class period and is available for our enrolled students that do not have a class that hour. Sign-ups are held on Class Rotation Day in August but can be added at any time during the year.

Study Hall Fees per Student:

  • Operations Fees - paid yearly and go towards the overall expenses of WHCT
    • Student 1 - $65 operations fee/yr paid once to WHCT
    • Student 2 - $55 operations fee/yr paid once to WHCT
    • Student 3 - $45 operations fee/yr paid once to WHCT
    • Students 4+ - $0 operations fee

  • Study Hall "tuition" is paid directly to the Study Hall Monitors
    • $50/yr per period, per student
    • $25/one semester per period, per student

  • Drop in fee is $5 per student per period.
    There is no operations fee if you only use the Drop In option

  • Example:
    • Student 1 needs two study halls on Tuesday and one on Thursday
      $65 operations fee paid to WHCT + $100 Tuesday study halls  + $50 Thursday study hall = $315 total

Meet our 2022-2023 Study Hall Monitors

  • Misti Watson 
  • Dana Simmons