West Harpeth Christian Tutorial Welcome to WHCT

Susan Winn

Why I teach at WHCT:
I helped established and began teaching at WHCT in 2000
to meet the needs of my own homeschooled children.
WHCT continues to be a wonderful place to teach and to live
in community with like-minded home-schoolers.

Educational Philosophy:

Education is discipleship.
My desire as a teacher is to pass on what I know and love to the
next generation through fun, multi-sensory learning.
Therefore, labs and activities are an integral part of my classroom.

Why I teach these specific courses:

I love the beauty of mathematics and the sciences. They go hand in hand to reveal truth about
God and His creation; in studying them we become more prepared to fulfill God’s calling in our life.
I teach these courses because I love them and want our children to love them, too.

| 2022.2023 |

Current Courses

Middle School Math