Gwenn Woods

Why I teach at WHCT:
I have been teaching Art and Drawing at WHCT since 2015,
Health and Wellness and Environmental Design since 2016, and Introduction to Business since 2019.  I love being able to help students view their school subjects from a Biblical worldview, and to see their daily life, their future life, and life’s work all connected to who they are as a Christ-follower.  I am both excited and thankful for the privilege of teaching at WHCT.  God placed the desire to teach in my heart at a young age.  I love being able to equip students and teach them the skills they need to succeed, all while having lots of fun!  I believe that everyone has the ability to be creative and healthy because they were made in the image of the Creator God.

Educational Philosophy:
Education is important for our personal development and success; however, the pursuit of knowledge is more than the collection of information.  I believe that first and foremost, education is an act of worship.  I believe that education is to enable children to view life from God’s perspective because He is Truth. I believe Biblical perspective is communicated through His Creation; His Son, Jesus Christ; and His Holy Word, the Bible.

God created everything filled with evidence to teach us about Him.
The God of the Universe signed His work to show His authority,
His provision and completeness, and His Trinitarian nature.
All subjects and disciplines can be understood to be part of God's natural revelation to mankind, so education is, in fact, an act of worship.  I love to show God’s signature when I teach students about art/drawing/design, business, and health and wellness.

God, as my authority, imparts wisdom and knowledge so that I, in turn, can impart wisdom and knowledge to my students.  As a Christian, God has given me the Holy Spirit to help me with this task. As a teacher, I want to work to embrace my students as they are and lovingly push them to explore this world, life, faith, and things outside of themselves in an interactive and engaging manner.  I also want to work to ignite in them a passion for learning and to help them discover the gifts and skills God has given them that they can use in every other area of their life.

Educational philosophy and methodology go hand in hand.  Since students have different ways of learning, I try to incorporate each method into my teaching to be a well-balanced teacher. 
There are some students who are thinkers, who learn by solving problems, writing, analyzing situations, recalling facts and comprehending concepts. I like to provide such situations as the opportunities present themselves to meet the academic needs of these students.
There are students who are feelers, who learn by sharing personal experiences and stories, establishing values and positive attitudes, and living out the truths of a subject. I like to provide opportunities in the classroom or with outside projects to meet the academic needs of these students.  
There are also students who are doers, and learn by being hands-on, interactive, and task oriented.  They need to do what is being taught to achieve understanding.

Why I teach these specific courses:

God is the Master Artist.
Creativity is the 2nd attribute that God revealed about Himself.
He is a creator and has a love for beauty.  He revealed His Trinitarian nature in the way that He ordered visual creation.
I want students to know that they are created in His image and He invites them to exercise their creative capacities fully. I want to help them achieve their potential.

God created man in His image, a tripartite nature.  
Man has a body, soul, and mind.
Our body is a temple for the Holy Spirit, therefore taking care of the temple is an act of obedience. Health is the ultimate design of God for humanity. Though life often thwarts that design, the health we have is a good gift of God. When God created humankind, God declared it to be very good.  

I received a diploma in nursing in 1978 and practiced pediatric, adolescent, and intensive care nursing for 8 years. When I wasn’t working at the hospital, I came in and painted murals on my nursing unit and did art projects with patients.  I developed an interest in environmental design when I had the opportunity to work with architects and interior designers to redesign the pediatric/pediatric intensive care unit, and subsequently, went back to college to earn my BFA in Environmental Design from Bowling Green State University.  I worked for 8 years with architectural firms and hospitals designing medical facilities before becoming a stay at home mom to my two adopted children, Tori, now 26, and Alex, now 23. 

I served as a teacher’s aide and substitute teacher for grades
Pre-K - 8 for 3 years before homeschooling my children. After moving to Tennessee 11 years ago, I began teaching fine arts to grades K-6 for 3 years at Franklin Classical School, before teaching art and drawing at WHCT. 

I also assist with the Ignite program at Lipscomb Academy High School that engages students in career path experiences in business.  I work with business professors at Lipscomb University to introduce students to the various disciplines in business and connect students with businesses in the community to help students learn about various industries and to help them see the business disciplines in action.

I am experienced in various art mediums and methods, including graphite, watercolor, pencil, acrylic and oil paints, pastels, charcoal, ink, print-making, sculpture, photography,
and mixed media.

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