Vance Lambert

Why I teach at WHCT:
For a number of years now I've been assisting my wife, Mrs. Lambert, with various special class projects and events. WHCT has excellent programs and a great group of kids year after year. As a new class tutor, the smaller class sizes and the overall atmosphere is a great fit for me to begin this journey.


Educational Philosophy:

Students have the magical ability to temporarily memorize content, spit it back out come test time, then purge for something new. This is a natural response that needs to be tricked. I am designing my courses with the intent to inspire each student to individually develop their own drive to learn a new craft and make progress even after the school year is over.


Why I teach this course:

I have had a deep interest in photography since my first darkroom class 20 years ago. Starting with the trust of one photography client at a time, I’ve managed to take what was once a hobby and land full-time employment as the Creative Director at a photo & video production house. I believe I can shorten the tough learning curve of DSLR cameras and professional composition for students, helping them to cultivate a fun life-long hobby or career path.

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