Aja Blumanhourst




Why I teach at WHCT:

I am excited to join the WHCT program and be a part of their mission. I look forward to the opportunity to share my education and experiences with others and guide the students in learning
a new skill that will hopefully be something that stays with them

for the rest of their lives.



Educational Philosophy: 

Everyone learns in different ways, so in my class we will have some writing, speaking, and hands-on work. I’m all about making learning fun! I will teach practical skills while we create samples and projects that the students will be able to take home with them. This will help them when creating their own projects in the future.



Why I teach this course:

Since I was young I have always had an interest in sewing.

I think it is an important skill to know even if you don’t make a career out of it. I have a BFA in Fashion Design, and have worked in the industry from ready-to-wear in New York, to mass production in Los Angeles, to alterations in Nashville.

I am a stay at home mom now and the neighborhood seamstress. I enjoy being able to sew anything I put my mind to and am excited to be able to teach this skill to others. We will start at the beginning, so don’t worry if you don’t know what a seam ripper is...you’ll find out soon enough!


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